• Regulated by CySEC
  • Start trading just from $10
  • Maximum payout up to 95%
  • Withdrawal money in 24 hours
  • 24/7 сustomer care service

OptionStars Review

Not regulated broker

OptionStars Review

Not regulated broker

About OptionStars

Option Stars Global is a popular broker who entered the binary options trading market in 2015. The platform is owned by the Novox Capital Limited that is regulated Cypress Investment Company. It is an innovative and dynamic binary options broker who is known to offer superior investment management and trading services. Options Stars is regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC) under the license number 224/14. The platform utilizes the tradologic platform that offers all the main Forex pairs and minor pairs. There is a range of commodities and stock market indexes on the broker’s site from where you can select one as per your choice and requirement.

Important Update:

The broker of Optionstars hasn’t regulated by CySEC since 10 November, 2017.  We also don’t find the relationship between Optionstars.com and Novox Capital Limited any more. So don’t open an account on this broker, please!


As we have mentioned above, the broker presently uses the Tradologic platform, which has gained lots of popularity in the recent times. The platform’s owner Novox Capital and Tradolgic have partnered with each other for operating this platform. There is a highly extensive asset list to trade on the platform that consists of 19 different commodities, 41 currency pairs, 167 equities and 22 different indices. The hot assets included in the Option Stars are Alibaba, Facebook, Bitcoin and Twitter. The trading platform is available in many different languages that include English, Russian, German, Arabic, Spanish, French, and Italian.

In addition to the regular digital above/ below options binary option, the platform also offers range and touch & turbo options. The broker has a secure trading platform that will allow you to enjoy binary options trading in a secure way from the website. Along with their website, the platform has mobile applications for the iOS as well as Android devices. In order to help the traders, the platform offers advanced charts that are easy to use and assist them in optimizing their assets. Additionally, it can also help you in setting a strategy for improving your performance. In simple words, we can say that this platform can help you in trading like an expert.

Option Type

The broker has a very clean trading platform that allows the users to trade without having much difficulty. There are many different trading options offered by the platform that includes Touch Up/ Down, Digital, Range, Turbo, Advanced, One Touch, Forex and 5 Ticks. Some of the major ones are mentioned below:

1. Digital Trade Option

This trade option will allow you to trade with underlying assets on the basis of short-term prediction. It comes with a range of 15, 30, 45 and 60-minute prediction. This is a perfect option for the traders who want to earn great profits within a short time.

2. Range Trading Option

In range trading option, the traders have to predict whether or not the value of the underlying asset will rise or fall within a specified range when the contract time expires. This type of trading works perfectly when the market trade sideways.

3. Touch Up/down Option

It is the simplest type of trading on the platform that is perfect for newcomers. The touch-up/down is only easy to understand but extremely beneficial in a portfolio of a trader.

4. Turbo Option

In this type of trading, you have to predict whether or not the price of an asset will reach a certain level before the expiry of the trade. It can be a starting price or even below it. You can earn profit up to 85% if the target price reaches instantly.

5. One Touch Options

One Touch is one of the best binary option type available on this platform among the experienced traders. You will get your profit once the price of the underlying asset reaches the trigger.

Account Types

There are three types of accounts available on the Options Star Global platform. We have provided all the details regarding these accounts below:

1. Bronze Account

It is the least expensive type of account available on the platform. You have to make of deposit of at least $ 1,000 for opening a bronze account. The maximum amount of money that you can invest in this account is $ 4,999. The main features of this type of account are weekly market reviews, one trading strategy and introduction to the video course. If you are a beginner, then you should start your binary options trading with this account.

2. Silver Account

A silver account is the most popular type of account on the Options Star platform that is mostly used by the traders. In order to open a silver account, you have to make a minimum deposit of $ 5,000 whereas the maximum amount of investment allowed on this account is $ 9,999.

The major features of a silver account are  3 trading strategies, daily & weekly market reviews, introduction and advanced video course. In addition to that, you will be given a senior account manager.

3. Gold Account

It is the most expensive type of account available on the platform that demands a minimum deposit of $ 10,000. The maximum amount that you can deposit into a gold account is $ 50,000. This account is perfect for the people who are fully experienced in binary options trading and looking to make bigger profits.

The top exciting features of a gold account are five trading strategies, introduction & advanced video course, daily & weekly market reviews. Additionally, you will be given a dedicated account manager with whom you can have weekly one on one trading session.

All the accounts on the platform give access to the OptionsStar training academy where you can learn valuable experience through a range of learning resources.


When it comes to joining bonus, there is no bonus given by the platform for their traders. Still, there is no need to worry as you can enjoy many lucrative benefits of the platform.

Instead of thinking about the bonus, one should consider the professional service of the platform.

Demo Account

Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t offer a demo account to its traders. However, the platform helps the traders with the account manager when you open an account with them.

The dedicated manager in the silver account will tell you in knowing about the necessary details regarding the platform. Additionally, your personal account manager will call you right after you open an account with the Options Star Global.

Mobile App

Option Stars Global has taken care of all types of customers and that’s why they understand the importance of the technology. In order to cope well with the needs of the platform, they have developed mobile apps for the Android and iOS devices.

These mobile apps allow the traders to utilize the platform in an efficient and secure way. You can trade binary options from your mobile devices that include tablets, smartphones or any similar devices. The platform’s mobile apps come with the advanced mobile trading software that can help you in all possible ways. It works in the same way as the website of the Options Star Global. It is a user-friendly app that is recommended by the traders to the beginners.


There are a number of deposit methods offered by the platform that includes Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Master Card Credit and wire bank transfer. However, you should speak with your account manager prior if you are making your first deposit through bank wire transfers.

The minimum amount that you can deposit on this platform is $1000. However, the amount needs to open an account depends on the type you will choose. There is no restriction on the maximum amount of money that you can deposit in your account.  The currency types that are accepted by the broker are USD, CAD, GBP, AUD, and EUR. The best method to deposit money is the credit or debit card as this method allow you to deposit money instantly. Other methods may take some time depending on your region where you live.


There are two main types of withdrawal methods offered by the platform, such as credit or debit card and bank wire transfer. Additionally, you can also use Neteller and Skrill for withdrawing your money. According to platform’s users, the best method to withdraw money is credit card as it takes the least amount of time to process.

For first time withdrawals, you have to verify your account by sending certain documents that include a scanned copy of your passport and a color copy of a valid utility bill that should display your name. Additionally, you have to send both the front and back copies of your credit card that is linked to your account.

The minimum amount that you can withdraw from your account is $30 for credit cards and $300 for the bank wire transfer. However, there is no limit on the maximum amount that you can withdraw from your account. According to the platform’s website, the withdrawal process takes 5 to 7 business days to process. The platform charges a fee of $30 from the inactive accounts and second withdrawal in a month.


 The platform doesn’t organize any type of tournaments for the traders. They believe that it is better for their users to enjoy the real-time trading experience. Choosing Option Stars will let you enjoy access to a variety of features that you won’t find on the other platforms.

Educational Resources

There is a long list of educational resources available on the platform that includes introduction videos, binary eBook, advanced in-depth course and much more. The introductory package consists of 15 high-quality videos that can be accessed by all types of account holders.

There is a superior eBook available on the Option Stars that consist of all the information ranging from binary trading history to the techniques used by the modern investors for earning profits. The platform’s advanced course is available only in silver and gold account. This course consists of deeper technical analysis and strategy development.

In economics section, you will get access to a great variety of topics that influence the market in the present days. There are lots of useful teachings of the global financial system, interests & inflation and much more.

Customer Support

In order to serve their customers, Optionstars provides different types of customer support options that include email, phone and contact form. Additionally, they reply to all the email queries within two working days. The platform doesn’t offer 24/7 customer care service.