• Regulated by CySEC
  • Start trading just from $10
  • Maximum payout up to 95%
  • Withdrawal money in 24 hours
  • 24/7 сustomer care service

Binary Review

Minimum deposit $5

Binary Review

Minimum deposit $5

About Binary

Binary.com is a unique online trading platform that offers an array of wonderful features to the traders. The platform uses patented pricing technology through which traders are allowed to get advantage from the similar rates of return as they get in the interbank market. The platform is owned by the Binary Limited and headquartered in St. Helier, Jersey. It is a licensed and regulated trading platform who is serving to more than 1,000,000 traders across the world. The platform is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority under the license number MGA/CL2/118/2000. Beside, Binary is also regulated by  Gambling Supervision Commission. 

The broker has been involved in this business since 1999 that makes them one of the most experienced online trading platforms in the world. It is a wonderful platform where you can enjoy trading in many different currencies that include USD, GBP, AUD, and EUR. The platform operates in all the countries except for the United States and Hong Kong. The minimum deposit that you can have on Binary.com is just $5, which is much lower as compared to the other brokers in the market. The traders in Indonesia and Brazil loves this platform and that’s they have immense popularity there. Additionally, the traders can get profitability up to 91% by winning on Binary.com.


If you opened an account on Binary.com, then you will get an opportunity to trade in the financial markets with a very simple and user-friendly interface. The broker’s trading interface is proprietary and it provides a great variety of different products and underlying assets to the traders. Along with that, they can use the charting features available on the platform through which the different prices for every trade option can be evaluated to make a decision. It makes sure that the traders get advantages from the technical features available on the website.

There are three types of features in the charting section that consist of a candlestick graph, a real-time graph, and interactive run charting software. This software allows the traders to run a range of tools over the possible price quotes and help in determining the available range of pricing moves. Additionally, there is a wonderful educational section available on the platform that can help the starters as well as the experienced traders to gain some valuable information about binary options trading. They can participate in one of the webinars offered by the broker. It can be the perfect way to expand the trading skills and increasing general knowledge.

Traders From Below Countries Are NOT Accepted
Costa Rica
North Korea
United States

Option Type

There are five different types of binary trading options available on the website of the binary.com. It gives lots of choice to the traders to select one according to their need. We have mentioned all of them in detail below:

1. Rise/Fall Options

In this type of trade, the main focus is in the direction of the security as related to the beginning price.

2. Touch/ No Touch Options

This is the standard type of binary options in which the traders have to predict whether the price of an asset will reach a certain level or not before the expiry of the trade.

3. In/Out Options

In this type of binary option, the traders simply need to select between the in and out option. If the trader thinks the price will not leave the specified price range, then he/she will click option in, whereas he/she will click on the outside option if they think the price will go outside the range.

4. Asians

There are two different ways to trade in this type of option, up and down. In up option, you have to predict that the market will rise above the average price, whereas in down option, you have to predict that the market will fall than the average price.

5. Digits

It is one of the modern types of options available on the broker’s platform. The traders are allowed to predict the last decimal digit of the spot price in this type of option. There are basically three kinds of digital trades available on binary.com. Have a look at them:

  • Matches/Differs: Determine whether or not the last digit will match.
  • Even/Odd: Determine that the last digit will be even or odd after the last tick
  • Over/Under: Determine whether the last digit will be higher or lower

Account Types

There is the only one type of account available on the platform other than the demo account. This account can be open by just making a deposit of $5 that is much less as compared to the other trading platforms who demands a minimum investment of $ 250 to open an account.

The real account can be opened within some minutes on the platform as they have a pretty straightforward process. In the real account, you will get access to a variety of trading assets that include 27 currency pairs, 28 indices, 50 random indices and a greater range of smart forex pairs. Moreover, there is a menu box on the right side of the screen that allows the traders to switch between the virtual and real account within seconds. There is also a charting section through which you can get many excellent views of the preferred quotes. Additionally, you can also see a real-time graph of the real account that can help you during the trading process. In simple language, we can say that the platform’s real account is truly an amazing option for the users who want to try their fate in online trading.


As mentioned above, the broker asks a very low deposit of $5 from the traders to open an account with them and that’s why they don’t need bigger bonuses to attract people to register with their platform. However, still, binary.com offers  a welcome bonus of $20 offered to the traders who even choose them for online trading by depositing amount of even $5.

At this price, we don’t think there are better binary options trading platform in any part of the world. The platform even doesn’t widely advertised about the bonuses they offer to the traders and individuals who are looking to open an account have to search in their bonus section for complete detail. There are some terms and conditions applied to this bonus that can be checked on their official website.

Demo Account

Demo account offered by the binary.com is one of the best features available on the platform. You can get access to a demo account with a virtual money of $ 10,000 for brushing up your online trading skills. It is a great feature offered by the platform to help the traders in knowing about their system without taking any type of risk.

In order to get access to the demo account, all you need to do is follow the process for open the account and, after that, a verification code will be sent to you by email. It is a very simple process through which you will get access to a demo account without paying even a single penny. The demo accounts allow the traders to practice and get used to the interface of the binary.com prior to risking their real money. Additionally, the professional traders can improve their skills by practicing on a demo account.

Mobile App

There are many different types of mobile apps available on the platform for both the Android as well as iOS. There are five mobile apps in total that include Binary.com Next-Gen App, Binary.com Tick Trade App, Binary.com Webtrader Trading App, Last digits trade app and Binary.com Tradingview Charts. All these mobile trading apps come with their own features.

The most popular app out of these is Tick Trade app that allows enjoying binary trading in just a few clicks. It is a very powerful and action-driven app that allows the traders to use it in the same way as they can enjoy on the desktop platform. The app’s trading interface is easy to use and allows the traders to simply choose an asset and then select the binary options trade type, enter the trading amount and then make a prediction. The application is available in English as well as Indonesian language and free to download.


There are a great variety of options available on binary.com from which you can deposit money into your account. The popular option available on the platform that includes bank wire money transfer, credit or debit card, OK Pay, Neteller, Skrill, Fasapay, WebMoney, Qiwi, Perfect Money, and Bitcoin.

The credit cards and e-cash payment modes are the best options to deposit funds because it shows money instantly in the account. Other payment modes take 1 working day to show funds in your account. The minimum amount that can be deposited on the platform is  just $ 5, whereas the maximum amount of money that can be deposited to your account is $100,000.


At binary.com, the withdrawals can be made through the similar way as the deposits. If a trader made your deposit through wire bank transfer, the money withdrawn will be credit to the same account. After the processing of the withdrawal request, a verification code will be sent to your email for ensuring security. It usually takes 1 working day for money to deposit in your account. There is no withdrawal fee mentioned on the website of the platform.

Detail of Deposit & Withdraw

MethodsCurrenciesMin-Max DepositMin-Max WithdrawProcessing Time
$ £ € AUD25 - 100,00025 - 100,000Deposit: 1 working day
Withdraw: 1 working day
$ £ € AUD25 - 50,00025 - 10,000Deposit: 1 working day
Withdraw: 1 working day
$ £ € AUD10 - 3,00050 - 250
Deposit: 1 working day
Withdraw: 1 working day
$ £ € AUD100 - 5,000100 - 5,000Deposit: 1 working day
Withdraw: 1 working day
$ £ € AUD10 - 10,00010 - 10,000Deposit: Instant
Withdraw: 1 working day
$ £ € AUD10 - 10,00010 - 10,000Deposit: Instant
Withdraw: 1 working day
$10 - 1,000Deposit: Instant
Withdraw: Not applicable
$5 - 10,0005 - 10,000Deposit: Instant
Withdraw: 1 working day
$5 - 10,0005 - 10,000Deposit: Instant
Withdraw: 1 working day
$5 - 10,0005 - 10,000Deposit: Instant
Withdraw: 1 working day
$ £ € AUD5 - 10,0005 - 10,000Deposit: Instant
Withdraw: 1 working day
$ £ € AUD5 - 10,0005 - 10,000Deposit: Instant
Withdraw: 1 working day
$ €5 - 10,0005 - 10,000Deposit: Instant
Withdraw: 1 working day
$ €5 - 10,0005 - 10,000Deposit: Instant
Withdraw: 1 working day
$ €5 - 200 $
5 - 150 €
5 - 200 $
5 - 150 €
Deposit: Instant
Withdraw: 1 working day
$ €25 - 640Deposit: Instant
$ €5 - 7505 - 750Deposit: Instant
Withdraw: 1 working day
BTC-0.002Deposit: 3 blockchain confirmations
Withdraw: 1 working day
LTC-0.002Deposit: 3 blockchain confirmations
Withdraw: 1 working day

Educational Resources

There is an exceptional educational resource available on the platform’s website. These tools are wonderful for expanding the trading skills and general knowledge regarding binary option. This special section consists of reference materials that allow the starters to know about the basics of binary options on the binary.com.

Along with that, the educational material targets the methods of market analysis and principles of the price movement. The broker also organizes the training and introductory seminars that are open to everyone from time to time. The link to the webinars and seminars can be found on the homepage of the website.

Customer Support

Binary.com offers a superior and exceptional customer support services to their clients. There is a range of options available on the platform through which you can connect with their customer representatives that include live chat, email support, and telephone number.

According to our experience, the email support option is the best as they solve the queries within one working day. Additionally, the customer representatives on the phone call talks very smooth and looks prompt to solve our queries. The live chat option available on the platform offer above average experience to us. Overall, it was an amazing experience to access the services of the platform’s customer support.


Here, we are summing up the review of the binary.com. The platform looks to be superior in their trading interface and the services they provided to the traders. Moreover, the traders get the added advantage by opening a real account on this platform just by paying $5. The information available on their website is sufficient and easy to understand. There is also a fully legit demo account offered by the platform that helps the traders in improving their skills. Additionally, the platform offers a great variety of assets that an experienced trader might need.

Binary.com is a legit broker who has involved in this business for a long time. The majority of the customers are happy with their services and there are almost little to no complaints registered with them. This platform is a perfect choice for those people who are looking for the security of their money and enjoy hassle free service at the same time.


  • Low minimum deposit - just $5
  • Great FREE demo account
  • High profitability up to 91%
  • Welcome bonus $20


  • Not accept traders from USA
  • No mobile app for Windows phone