• Regulated by CySEC
  • Start trading just from $10
  • Maximum payout up to 95%
  • Withdrawal money in 24 hours
  • 24/7 сustomer care service

BDSwiss Review

Regulated by CySEC

  • Software: Spot Option
  • Regulated by: CySEC
  • Min deposit: $100
  • Max returns: $89
  • Bonuses: Free Demo for Forex
  • Min invest: $5
  • Max invest: $1500
  • Assets: 120+
  • Types: Highlow, Pairs, Long-term, 60 Seconds, Touch, Ladder Option, Forex

BDSwiss Review

Regulated by CySEC

  • Software: Spot Option
  • Regulated by: CySEC
  • Min deposit: $100
  • Max returns: $89
  • Bonuses: Free Demo for Forex
  • Min invest: $5
  • Max invest: $1500
  • Assets: 120+
  • Types: Highlow, Pairs, Long-term, 60 Seconds, Touch, Ladder Option, Forex

About BDSwiss

BDSwiss, or Banc de Swiss, offers both Forex/CFD and Binary accounts. They are focused mostly on the German speaking markets. However, their website and customer service support multiple languages.

BDSwiss is owned by BDSwiss Holding Plc. and is regulated by CySEC (license no. 199/13). They are quite new to the industry but they have grown quickly. Now, BDSwiss is the first choice as a Binary Options broker Germany, Cyprus, Italy, England, and Poland.

BDSwiss Platform

The website platform of BDSwiss is powered by SpotOption. SpotOption is one of the best providers of platforms for financial tradings and is used a lot in the market. The platform is easy to use and the traders are provided with almost every indicators and tools they might need.

The platform is available in 19 languages. Because of the vast number of languages BDSwiss supports, a lot more traders can use and understand their platform with ease. You can also choose from 29 currency pairs, 9 Commodities, 13 indices, 75+ Stocks in their platform.

With that much assets to choose from, every trader is almost guaranteed to get what they want. The return can also reach up to 89%, this is relatively large and is a great attraction for traders.

BDSwiss is NOT Available in contries below
Cote D'Ivoire
Papua New Guinea
North Korea
United States

Option types

There are different option types available when it comes to Binary Options trading. This way, each trader can optimize their strategy and choose what will fit them individually. When using BDSwiss, customers can choose from 6 different option types.

Classic Binary Options

When we say classic, we mean it in a literal sense. In the Classic Binary Options type, or High/Low, a trader just has to decide whether the price of the underlying asset will go up or go down after a specified amount of time. This option is probably the simplest and therefore the most popular option type.


In the option type called Pairs, or Pairs trading, you do not have to decide about the direction of the price of a single asset. Instead, you will do it in pairs but in a relatively easier way. All you have to do is compare the assets that you have in a pair.

You will have to choose which of the assets in a particular pair will do better compared to the other up until the option expires.


The Long-term option has almost the same principle as the Classic Binary Options. The only difference is that, as the name suggests, this option lasts for a longer period of time. The expiration time for this Binary Option can range from days up to months.

60 Seconds

The name of this option speaks for itself. That is, based on the expiry time of the 60 seconds option. This option has the shortest expiry time BDSwiss offers. You can choose to open an option that will last for 60, 90, 120, 180 or 300 seconds. The 60 seconds option will is great if you are expecting a short-term market movement.

One Touch

In the One Touch option, the question a trader must answer is if the price of a specific asset will reach the target level or even exceed it. If you feel like that will happen before the expiry time of the option, then you can put your money on that. The trading hours for One Touch option depends on the underlying asset.

Ladder Option

Ladder Option, in a way, resembles the One Touch Option. The difference is the for One Touch Option, you are only given a single target level for the price of the option after it expires. That is not the case for the Ladder Option, instead, you are given 5 thresholds.

You will then decide whether the price of an asset will end up above or below these thresholds. The payout for this option depends on two things: the threshold level and which direction you invested your money on.

BDSwiss offers a lot of option types and because of that, their clients get more freedom in trading. This is very important because not all traders are exactly alike. That is exactly why some of the options may be better for one trader than it is for another trader.

For beginners, it’s recommended to choose option types that don’t have long expiry times. The classic Binary Option is always a good place to start. Of course, the risk and payout are almost always directly proportional to each other. In the options offered by BDSwiss, you face the greatest risk in One Touch options and it also offers the greatest payout.

Account Type

Some Binary Options broker offer different account types. The minimum deposit required depends on the account type a client wants to avail. Each of the account types has different sets of services included in the package.

As for BDSwiss, they only offer one account type. All of their services and resources can be accessed using this account. The minimum deposit required for this account is $100 except for clients from Scandinavian countries who are required to deposit $200.

That minimum deposit is quite low and because of that, BDSwiss is an ideal option for new traders who are not that comfortable coughing up bigger amounts. They do not offer special types of accounts for anyone including Islamic account (which follows the ‘No Riba’ principle).


BDSwiss is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and because of that, they are not allowed to give any form of bonus to their customers. Giving out cash incentives is strictly prohibited by CySEC. That includes welcome bonus, deposit bonus, volume bonus, etc.

Even bonuses that are not directly tied to trading are prohibited. CySEC, though, encourages Binary Options brokers to give their customers rewards in the form of lower spreads.

Demo account

Using a demo account before plunging into the world of Binary Options trading is a great way for both new and experienced traders to get a feel of the platform of the Binary Options broker. Aside from that, new traders can also hone their skills without the risk of losing money. That is why it is a very important step to take.

BDSwiss offers a free demo account, the problem is they only have it for Forex traders. So unfortunately for BDSwiss customers who want to Binary Options trading, they will have to rely solely on the resources BDSwiss provide for education.

Mobile App

BDSwiss has a mobile application that you can download for free. It is available for both Android and IOS, but currently, they do not have it for Windows phones. The mobile application for BDSwiss is almost identical to its desktop version.

Every transaction you do in the desktop version, you can do using the mobile application as well. The desktop version and the mobile application differs on the interface elements size but, of course, that is quite understandable. The features are the same and they are synchronized in real time. You can use both very easily.

Tournament or prize

Some Binary Options broker conducts yearly trading tournaments for their customers. The winners of the tournaments get cash prizes. Unfortunately, BDSwiss does not conduct such tournaments. In fact, they legally can’t do that.

That is because they are regulated by CySEC. CySEC is adamant in the fact that Binary Options brokers should never give any cash incentives to their customers. As such, any sort of tournaments or competitions is prohibited.

Deposit and Withdraw

Doing transactions with BDSwiss is very easy and convenient. They provide a vast number of ways which you could use to fund your account. The minimum amount of deposit is $200, £200 or €200 for clients in Scandinavian countries and $100, £100 or €100 for everyone else. And you can accomplish that using the methods below:

As for withdrawing your funds, you can use the same methods above. Keep in mind that you can only withdraw your money using the same method you used in funding your account. The amounts involved in withdrawing your funds if more complicated than depositing, though.

First of all, the minimum withdrawal is $10, £10 or €10. Withdrawing your funds is usually free of charge. However, there are some instances where there is, in fact, a charge. In these specific instances, you will be charged 5% of the amount you will be withdrawing, the minimum charge is $25, £25 or €25.

You will be charged a withdrawal fee if you have never traded the funds you have deposited into your account. There will also be a charge if the funds in your account are more than €100, $100 or £100 but you wish to withdraw less than €100, $100 or £100. Withdrawals are completed within 2 to 8 business days.

New customers will be required to send a scanned copy or a photo of any personal ID to prevent money laundering.

Education resources

The education resources BDSwiss have available on their website had come a long way. Before, they barely have anything to offer their customers when it comes to resources. Currently, their website has the latest in economic news. They also have traders journals that you can access and an economic calendar.

BDSwiss also conducts live webinars. All of the upcoming schedules are listed on their website. You can also access their Trader’s Handbook and go through different online courses, all of which are readily on their website as well.

Customer care

The customer care BDSwiss provides is great and they provide every single thing imaginable to make it easy for their customers to reach them. You can, of course, check your concerns at their FAQ sections or fill out a form on their website for your questions. You can also reach them via email and communicate with them using the live chat.

They have staffs who can talk to you in multiple languages. Currently, they have people who speak English, German, Spanish, Italian, Latvian and Estonian. Aside from that, the website of BDSwiss can be viewed in multiple languages. You are also guaranteed a fairly quick and helpful response.

You can also reach BDSwiss for your inquiries through phone calls. They have localized telephone supports in Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, South Korea, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, France, Greece, Poland, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, and Finland. The phone numbers are all listed on their website. All of their customer support services are up 24/7.

Telephone Support
+49 800 724 61 09
+49 (0)691 75 36 48 10
+61 29 0984771
+43 72 0775151
+45 78 755991
+358 93 1583202
+33 17 8900647
+30 21 12340029
+39 02 87368390
+47 21 930569
+48 22 1284958
+38 62 7074116
South Korea
+82 70 47326757
+34 91 0602455
+46 81 2410637
+41 43 5500220
+44 20 37691426


BDSwiss is a great Binary Options broker, especially in Europe. They provide their clients everything they will need to make every transaction easy. That is why it is not a surprise that they have rapidly grown in their little time in the market. They have areas where they can still improve but they seem like they are on the right track with everything they do.



  • Regulated by CySEC
  • 10% refunds on unsuccessful trades
  • More over 120 assets


  • Not accept traders from USA